List of supermarket chains in Germany

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This is a list of current German supermarket chains.

German supermarket chains[edit]

Name Stores Type of store Parent
Aldi Süd 1880 Discounter Siepmann Stiftung
Aldi Nord 2298 Discounter Jakobus-, Markus- und Lukas-Stiftung
Alnatura 107 Grocery Store Alnatura
Bio Company 57 Supermarket Bio Company[1]
CAP Markets 73 Supermarket CAP Markets
Combi 180 Hypermarket Bartels-Langness
Edeka 5858 Hypermarket/Supermarket/Convenience store Edeka
Globus 62 Hypermarket Globus
famila 110 Hypermarket Bartels-Langness/Bünting
Hit 104 Supermarket Dohle-Gruppe
Kaufland 650 Hypermarket Schwarz Gruppe
Lidl 3301 Discounter Schwarz Gruppe
Marktkauf Hypermarket Edeka
Metro Cash and Carry 104 Hypermarket (Cash and carry) METRO AG
nah & frisch 53 Supermarket Bartels-Langness
nah & gut/...nah und gut Supermarket Edeka
Netto Marken-Discount 4170 Discounter Edeka
Norma 1290 Discounter Norma
Penny Markt 2150 Discounter REWE Group
real <200 Hypermarket SCP Group
REWE 3300 Hypermarket/Supermarket/Convenience store REWE Group
Selgros 42 Hypermarket (Cash and carry) Coop (Switzerland)
SPAR express 469 Convenience store Edeka
tegut... 274 Supermarket Migros
nahkauf 143 Supermarket REWE Group
Netto 347 Discounter Salling Group

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